• “To open a curtains of eyes every morning is the start of an exhibition” A Q&A with Tang Kwok-hin

    Dialogue with Tang Kwok-hin

  • Zhang Wenxin: About time swirl and Mythos

    Art Wold/Geng Han



  • ARTYOO special topic / Zhang Wenxin, Feng Bingyi, Li Zhuohua:Revisiting the real and the imaginary — Surplus Space

    Li Ning

  • Time Burns/ Let the night breeze send away yesterday’s dreams/ The Stories Of Your Life And Others II:NEMO

    artforum/Li Bowen

  • FLOWER SMUGGLER:Diana Tamane

    artforum/Hu Wei

  • Artworld special interview/ Diana Tamane: Flower Smuggler

    Art World/tsq

  • Surplus Space: A conversation as “The Smugglers”

    Li Ning

  • the Border, the Smuggler and the Invisible Violence

    LU Mingjun

  • Song Ta talks about “K-POP replaces J-POP, C-POP replaces K-POP”

    artforum/Zhao Mengsha

  • Agapanthe:New Order

    artforum/Yang Zi

  • You Are Not Home, or Beheaded

    A Mao

  • Diversion to Concept :Theories and Histories of Late Modernism

    Dialogue Between Lu Mingjun and Pi Li

  • Special interview with Lu Mingjun Surplace Space “NEW ORDER”: The Order of Anti-Order

    Li Ning

  • ShenXin:At Home

    artforum/Chen Xi’an

  • NANKAN: Inexplicit Ethics and De-ranking Perspective

    artforum/Zhu Yingying

  • Exhibition:NANKAN:Inexplicit Ethics and De-rankingPerspective

    Dialogue with Lu Mingjun

  • Traction of Power and Dialectics of Feeling

    Lu Mingjun Dialogue with Zhong Yunshu

  • Li Bowen: Dialogue with Me

    Author | Li Bowen

  • Form–Beside of Politics: The Subject Mechanism and Historical Motivation of Abstract Expressionism

    Lu Mingjun

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