Technology,Capital and Post World

Location: Red Chair Theatre, 403 International Art Centre, Wuhan.

Time:9:30-18:30  October 13th

Conceived amidst a backdrop of debates over “capitalism vs. socialism” and “Mr. Democracy vs. Mr. Science” that were prominent at the turn of the 20th century, the then common-known conceptions of a “world of universal harmony” and a future Utopia prevailed as significant modern trends, even though they were quickly replaced by ideologies of national identity. A century later, as the Internet, artificial intelligence, and the political crisis of globalization rise, “technology, capital and Post world” have emerged again as some of the most pressing issues of our world. What makes them urgent and worthwhile to re-think lies in their concerns about our daily lives, cognitive experience and historical memory.

For Surplus Space’s 3rd Anniversary, we invited Passing Fancy (Xiaorui Zhu-Nowell and Freddie Cruz Nowell) to curate Peer to Peer, an exhibition that considers decentralization, resource sharing, play, interpersonal reciprocity, and changes in ethical and political structures brought about by computer networks in the era of globalization. As pointed out by Boris Groys, communist software for the Internet relies on capitalist hardware, which adds further entanglements to these notions. Shedding light on the complexity and inherent paradoxy of the topics at hand, we invited Luo Gang, Wang Jianwei, Wang Hongzhe, Zhao Rourou, Chen Shaoxing, Zheng Yuan, as well as other scholars and artists from a variety of fields, to share their thoughts, research and insights for further discussion.

Location: Red Chair Theatre, 403 International Art Centre, Wuhan.

Time:9:30-18:30  October 13th


9:30-10:15 Lecture & ScreeningZheng Yuan  Northwest Airlines

Host:Lu Mingjun   (Artistic Director of Surplus Space)


10:30-12:00 Academic Discussion (I): Technology, Capital, and Post world

Keynote Speech:

Luo Gang(Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, East China Normal University)

Wang Hongzhe (Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Peking University)

Zhao Rourou(Department of Minority Language and Literature, Minzu University of China)

Host: Wang Jianwei (Artist)


13:30-14:30 Keynote Discussion & Publishing of Surplus Space(2015-2018)

How to Make a “Failed” Art Space?

Speech:Sui Qun(Founder of Surplus Space)

Guests: Wei Guangqing (Artist),  Xu Zhen (Artist), Wang Wei(Artist and co-founder of Arrow Factory), He An(Artist)

Host:Lu Mingjun


14:45-16:30 Academic Discussion:Technology, Capital and Post world

Keynote Speech:

Wang Jianwei(Artist)

ANTÓNIO TAN(Architect, art writer)

Zhu Xiaorui(Assistant Curator at the Guggenheim Museum, New York)

Host:Li Songrui(Editor of Literature & Art Studies)



Peer to Peer  Performances, Opening Events & Curator’s Tour

Opening performance: Stephen Kwok



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