Curator:Lu Mingjun


Opening: 2016.12.25 16:00
Duration: 2016.12.25 – 2017.1.24
Address: No.33 Baotong Temple Road, Wuhan, China

Publisher: Sabrina Hsu
Art Director: Lu Mingjun
Artists: Dai Chenlian, Gao Jie, Hu Xiangqian, Huang Xiaopeng, Li Liao, Lu Pingyuan, Ma Qiusha, Tao Hui, Wang Jianwei, Xu Tan, Yang Fudong, Yang Zhenzhong, Yu Ji, Yuan Gong, Zhang Hui, Zhang Peili, Zhao Bandi, Zhu Yu

Special Presentation I: Song Ta Unit
1, 《The Fighting Boys》;2, 《Now The Young People What The Fuck Talking About?》;3, 《Call Our Offsprings To Go To The Street》
Special Presentation II: “Interview with Wang Hui: Ideological Controversy since 1990s and Social Changes in China” (producer: Actionmedia)
Opening Screening: Foucault (director: Wang Min’an)

1. This is a substitute form of workshop and lecture, at the same time an exhibition, more exactly an exhibition within another exhibition.
2. Almost all works are related to talk, in different forms and media, related to politics, history, society,culture, art history, art system and talk itself.
3. I’d like to specially recommend three new works by Song Ta, the interview of Wang Hui by me at the beginning of this year on the ideological discussion and China’s social changes since 1990, and the filmFoucault directed by Wang Minan.



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