Xiao Kegang



Born in Sichuan in 1968
Graduated from Fine Arts of Southwest Normal University

Solo Exhibition
2011 “The Peach Garden of Travelling: Untimely Painting” Xiao Kegang Solo Exhibition, Art Museum of Sichuan University, Chengdu

Group Exhibitions
2016 “NANKAN: Inexplicit Ethics and De-ranking Perspective”, Surplus Space, Wuhan
2015 The Spectres in the Double Shadow, Alioth Art Center, Shanghai
2013 “Genealogy of Techniques: Form, Conception and Cognition-Painting Practices of He Duoling and Xiao Kegang”, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2012 “Off Camera·The Possibility of Painting”, Blue Flame Art Space, Shanghai
2012 Annals of Probings on Painting, K.Gallery, Chengdu
2010 Shortlisted for The 2010 Sovereign Asian Art Prize

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