Lead,Lead,Lead | Tant Yunshu Zhong

Artist:Tant Zhong


Curator:Lu Mingjun

Opening: 2016.2.27 17:00

The intuition for physical attribute of materials constitutes the start point of Zhong Yunshu’s practice among which it is the chimerability, permeability, installability, the intrinsic free traction of force and arbitrary stretch that truly attract and tempt her. It seems to be a rational start point that is relatively objective, however the entire process is against experience even that she intentionally avoids or resists the involvement of experience, and indulges in self-seducing barbarous growth which is occasional, random, uncontrollable and even emotional. she doesn’t have a conceptual assumption or a blueprint. If have, it is the operability and handiness of device except for the limitation of material and the space itself. It is in the resistance and compromise among uncertain people, objects and space, her perception and cognition towards material, form and space is constantly inspired. She considers the perception a fission which embodies many interesting contrasts and dialectics, and contains numerous parameter relationships and narrative clues of different logic like parallel and overlap. Among them, there is no superordination and subordination or domination, it reveals the proliferation and disappearance of physical world with a head-up vision. At that time, as a state of existence, the natural growth of thoughts and feelings become her art proposition and main style. To viewers, the mazy theater is both a closed viewpoint deprived of all social experience and functional attribute, and an open discourse, releasing sensory adventures full of temptations and fantacies. (By Lu Mingjun)

Artist Statment

The play with materials and joy appeared by chance presented in the strength and the process of fighting against artistic creation.For me,the work originates from instinct or other laws that I haven’t discovered.Touching the real material is the starting point of artistic creation.The independent space of such creation is similar to the situation when I am painting.My love for papers,pencils and the combination of materials does not start with known result and can stop at any time.Ultimately,it proves that I can make new objects continuously without being forced to stop.Therefore,I can start a new topic in my system.My work also emphasize weight,When industrial manufacturing focuses on making things lighter,the relation between appearance and inner quality and functions also demonstrates forces in materials.In the past practices,I always like utilize the most original functions and features of materials and show their limitations and coincidence after casual combination.I will add unknown materials every time I create something new.I enjoy the process of understanding the material,break it physically and revisit it.The original of the materials can not limit me.To me,they’re just shapes with color and taste and touch differently.I aim not to establish relative relations between materials,but to set up relations of possibility or make personalized space.For examples,the upper trunk and underground root are reinforcing to and extension of each other.All of these have emotions with timeline.The instant fear is like a steel pole to be broke,long-standing joy is like good measurement,two minutes of worry is like being shocked slightly and one week of excitement is like the rolling of balloon.The force generated by materials themselves is like the strength within a person,it exists although it cannot be seen.The independent exhibition or process of artistic creation is just the process of when the strength of myself and the materials come together.



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