Agapanthe : Florent Konné & Alice Mulliez



AGAPANTHE: Konné & Mulliez

Saw the day in 2014, Florent Konné and Alice Mulliez are determined to put in common and in shape the datas they have collected by their various/numerous travels and life experiences. The territories they are passing through and living in become new elements of artistic and aesthetic vocabulary where notions of landscape and urbanization are convened by installations and devices fed by research on territories and heritage. The artwork shapes they create are like choruses, repetitions and rhythms of an echo of their individual artistic practices. Alice Mulliez has a polymorphic artistic approach, her works takes shape in culinary devices and installations. Whereas Florent Konné plays with simulacrum. He commits to porous gaps in between fixed and animated images, in two and three dimensions.


Cultural forum at the 104-Paris

Comme du Papier, Regional Fund of contemporary art, curated by Claire Viardet, La Reunion island Matérialité de l’invisible / materiality of invisibility, collective exibition NEARCH, conducted by the European Commission, INRAP, le CENT- QUATRE-Paris.


Food non food, invited by thinkingfooddesign … Braque gallery, Paris.

vous restez pour dîner? / Do you stay for dinner?, collective exhibition, AR- TEUM museum of contemporary art, Châteauneuf le Rouge, France.

Hobo, collective exhibition, des étables gallery, curated by Lydie Marchi and Nadia Russell, Bordeaux, France.


Special interview with Lu Mingjun Surplace Space “NEW ORDER”: The Order of Anti-Order

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